Faculty Profiles

Tim HealeyTim Healy
Healy has been a champion of energy education at SCU for more than 40 years.

Shoup-landingTerry Shoup
Shoup is a recent inductee in the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame.
Krishnan-landingShoba Krishnan
An avid proponent of getting engineering students excited about their chosen field of study, Krishnan teaches ENGR 110, Engineering Projects for the Community.

Siljak­-landingDragoslav Siljak
Professor wins prestigious Bellman Award.

Ed MaurerEd Maurer
Maurer is a recognized expert in the study of regional hydrologic effects of climate change.

singh-landingSukhmander Singh
A member of the civil engineering faculty at SCU since 1986, Singh enthusiastically shares the wisdom of his experience with his students.
John J. MontgomeryJohn J. Montgomery
In 1883, Montgomery flew a glider 600 feet, entering the annals of aeronautics history and ushering in a century of engineering excellence at Santa Clara.
George SullivanGeorge L. Sullivan
Sullivan helped found the engineering program at Santa Clara and served as the first Dean of the School of Engineering.
1970s: PefleyDick Pefley
Pefley's focus on alternative energy in the 1970s helped fuel an interest in energy research that continues today.