Santa Clara University


Reynaud Serrette, Ph.D.

Serrette Title: Associate Professor
Office: EC 241
Phone: 408-554-6868
Fax: 408-554-5474
Education: Ph.D., Cornell University 1992
M.S., University of Manitoba 1988
B.S., University of Manitoba 1987
Interests: Cold-Formed Steel Structures
Seismic Design of Light Frame Structures
Construction Materials Environmental Performance Assessment


Dr. Serrette joined the SCU faculty in 1991 and founded
the Light Gauge Steel Research Group (LGSRG), currently the
Center for Light Frame Structural Research(CLSFR), in 1994.
Work conducted by the LGSRG/CLSFR has contributed to
the design provisions for cold-formed steel structures and the
development of several innovative light frame products.  In addition
to his research professional activities, Dr. Serrette is a past
president of the Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association
(currently, the Cold-Formed Steel Engineering Institute) and serves
as a faculty advisor to the National Society of Black Engineers and
 the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapters. 

Current Research Interests

My current interests are in the area of performance=based seismic
resistant design of light frame structures, and sustainable, innovative
and affordable design of residential and institutional structures.  I have
an emerging interest in methodologies for evaluating the environmental
performance of construction materials.

Recent Publications 

  • Serrette, R. and Peyton, D. (2009).  Strength of Screw Connections
    in Cold-Formed Steel Construction. American Society of Civil Engineers,
    Journal of Structural Engineering, Reston, VA, August, pp. 951-958.
  • Serrette, R. and Nolan, D. (2009).  Reversed Cyclic Performance of
    Shear Walls with Wood Panels Attached to Cold-Formed Steel with Pins,
    American Society of Civil Engineers, Jounral of Structural Engineering,
    Reston, VA, pp. 959-967.
  • Serrette, R (2008).  Estimating the Effective Yield Strength of Cold-Formed
    Steel Light-Frame Shear Walls.  Proceedings from the 19th International
    Specialty Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Structures, St. Louis, MO,
    October, pp. 457-470.
  • Serrette, R. (2008).  Qualifications for Equivalence:  An Illustration and
    Discussion of New Seismic Evaluation Provisions. NCSEA/CASE/SEI,
    STRUCTURE Magazine, August, pp. 19-23.
  • Serrette, R. (2003). Proposed Acceptance Criteria for Shear Wall
    Assemblies Consisting of Wood Structural Panel Sheathing Attached to
    Cold-Formed Steel Framing with Pneumatic- or Gas-power-driven Pin
    Fasteners. ICC-ES AC230, International Code Council, Whittier, CA,
  • Serrette, R., et. Chau, K., (2003) Performance of Deep Leg L-Headers.
    Research report No. CLSFR 01-7/03, Center for Light Frame Structural
    Research, Santa Clara, CA, July.
  • Serrette, R., et. al., (2002) Performance of Cold-Formed Steel-Framed
    Shear Walls: Alternative Configurations. Research report No. LGSRG-06-02,
    Light Gauge Steel Research Group, Santa Clara, CA, June.
  • Serrette, R., et. al., (2002) Adhesive Applications for Shear Walls:
    A Pilot Study. Research report No. CLSFR-12-02, Center for
    Light Frame Structural Research, Santa Clara, CA, December.
  • Serrette, R., et. al., (2002) Performace of Wood Framed Shear Walls
    with Non-wood Structural Panels. Research report No. LGSRG-2-02,
    Light Gauge Steel Research Group, Santa Clara University, CA, April.


  • Santa Clara University Packard Mentor/Scholar Professor: 1998-2002
  • Santa Clara University School of Engineering Research of the Year, 2001
  • Santa Clara University President's Recognition Award, 2000

Courses Taught

  • CENG 43 Strength of Materials Structural Analysis
  • CENG 44A/44B Strength of Materials I/II
  • CENG 143 Structural Steel Design
  • CENG 146/246 Cold-Formed Steel Design
  • CENG 234 Structural Steel Design II