Santa Clara University


Faculty & Staff

The civil engineering faculty are highly qualified specialists with Ph.D. degrees from several of the nation's finest graduate schools. In conformity with Santa Clara tradition, professors develop close relationships with students. The faculty's open door policy means students can seek out faculty at all times and are given priority attention. Numerous interactions among faculty and students, such as the faculty-student canoe race and field trips build camaraderie. 

All classes in civil engineering are taught by faculty members who also serve as advisers, assisting students with problem solving and offering advice on planning curriculum. The majority of faculty members are professional engineers and involved with many of the new developments in their fields.


Name E-mail Office Phone
Abbott, Tracy EC 201 C
Aschheim, Mark   EC 235 408-554-6871
Chiesa, Steve EC 239 408-554-4697
Doyle, Laura  EC 610  408-554-5310 
He, Rachel EC 236 408-554-5019
Maurer, Edwin EC 237 408-554-2178
Nilsson, Tonya EC 614
Said, Hisham EC 221 408-551-7156
Serrette, Reynaud EC 241 408-554-6868
Singh, Sukhmander EC 238 408-554-6869



Name E-mail Office Phone
Woodcock, Brent EC 125  408-554-4120 
Massie, Melanie EC 2nd Flr. 408-554-4061