Santa Clara University



On behalf of all of our faculty and students, I welcome you to our website and to the Department of Bioengineering at Santa Clara University! Bioengineering is one of the most popular degree options in the School of Engineering at SCU. The tremendous rate of growth in our undergraduate and graduate degree programs is being matched by recruitment of new faculty and teaching staff and implementation of innovative curricula and research programs. We are fortunate in having a world-class industrial advisory board that is helping us set new directions in education, research, outreach and training. 

Research in bioengineering is creating new technologies in traditional and regenerative medicine, prosthetics, biomaterials and molecular biotechnology that result in cheaper, smarter and faster approaches to detect, diagnose and treat human disease. Our faculty and staff are actively engaged in research at the interface of engineering, life sciences, and medicine. We prepare undergraduate and graduate students for exciting and meaningful careers in bioengineering through innovative approaches to teaching and research training. In addition to highlighting the benefits of bioengineering research and associated technologies, we must also address potential negative impacts of the field on the lives of human beings through the promotion of high ethical standards and social responsibility, hallmarks of our university.

Best wishes for the academic year !

Prof. Yuling Yan

Chair, Department of Bioengineering