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Mission and Goals

In the Bioengineering Program, it is our mission:

  • To train and educate a new generation of students by improving the quality and scope of interdisciplinary undergraduate education through basic and applied research and teaching at the interface of engineering, the life sciences, and the health professions;
  • To prepare SCU students for careers in the biomedical and biotechnology industries, for graduate studies or entry to advanced health professions;
  • To produce graduates whose work will be guided by an understanding of and sensitivity to, the social, political, ethical, and legal relationships between their work and those that it affects;
  • To promote and foster teaching and research collaborations between Engineering and Life Science faculty at SCU, as well as industrial collaborations that could generate new intellectual property (IP), and to facilitate translation of the IP to the biotechnology/ biomedical technology industry in the Bay Area for the benefit of students, SCU, and the Silicon Valley community.