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University Core

University Core Requirements

As part of a Santa Clara University engineering education, all undergraduates must complete the University Core Curriculum - a collection of courses designed to prepare students to become thoughtful, ethical leaders in our fast-paced technological world.

The critical thinking, articulate expression, and concern for social justice that are key elements of a Jesuit education are instilled through a core curriculum addressing ethics, religion and spirituality, composition and literature, and mathematics and science. When partnered with our rigorous engineering course study, the result is a comprehensive education that prepares our students to justly meet the engineering needs of a diverse global community.

Students choose from a wide array of classes that fulfill the core requirements, exploring, investigating, and learning how to think critically and independently.

Graduate Core Requirements

The Graduate Core is a set of requirements that is common to all departments in the School of Engineering. The Core promotes an educational philosophy that goes far beyond narrow specialization and emphasizes a global and societal orientation. It also reflects the fact that we live in an increasingly complex world, in which engineers must continually deepen their understanding of the interdisciplinary environment in which they operate. Read more.

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Tim Sennott

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