Santa Clara University


Vagish Kapila

CEO, TapSmack
Vagish Kapila 
Vagish has successfully managed and worked with multimillion dollar competitive challenge projects that have not only been implemented successfully, but executed with a high degree of efficiency and quality. He has been a successful team-based and individual entrepreneur, having taken high-tech and construction-based start-ups to multimillion dollar growth in less than five years, His track record includes measurable success at Cisco, Synopsys, DMS, TEAMWRKX, Varshyltech, and NexSentio. Vagish holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in engineering management from Santa Clara University.

Some of his certificates and licenses include: Class B General Contractor license from CSLB, certificates from the American Board for Certification in Home Land Security, USGBC for Green Initiatives and Six Sigma. He currently serves as a CEO of TapSmack and is on the Board Of Directors at NeXsentio, Sentio Development and Varshyltech.

Vagish is also serving as a founding member for the SCU Ring Knockers. On a personal note, he is a pencil artist, an award winning athlete, a coach and judge at competitive sports events (swimming, cricket and marathons), business plan discoveries, and is involved in a  variety of community programs. Vagish currently has patents pending for “idea to creation and co-creation of idea.” His academic training and personal drive have enabled his leadership in software development and entrepreneurial ventures.  Vagish has also taught classes on "Social Media," "Internet-based Community Development," "Starting Startups," and "How to Sync Management Teams of Mid- Level Companies." He is an angel investor/advisor for growing companies in Silicon Valley and globally with current investments in more than five active companies.

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