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Distinguished Engineering Awards

The highest honor bestowed by the School of Engineering, the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Awards recognize graduates whose accomplishments in their professions, communities, and University services have set them apart.

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Full list of Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award Recipients.

2014-15 Award Winners

Stephen Sifferman, BSEE '93, MS COEN '98, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award
Sheryl Staub-French, BSCE '93, Distinguished Engineering Alumna Award
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Zhiwen (Jonathan) Zhang, Researcher of the Year
Darren Atkinson, Teaching Excellence Award
Nicholas Tran, Adjunct Lecturer of the Year
Stephen Chiappari, Gerald E. Markle Award for Teaching Excellence

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2013-14 Award Winners

Steven Chiesa, BSCE '75, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award
John Maydonovitch, MS AMTH '73, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award
Timothy K. Shih, Ph.D. COEN '93, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award
Aleksandar Zecevic, MSEE '90, Ph.D. EE '93, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award

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Hohyun Lee, Researcher of the Year
Aleksandar Zecevic, Teaching Excellence Award
Peter Woytowitz, Adjunct Lecturer of the Year
Robert Kleinhenz, Gerald E. Markle Award for Teaching Excellence

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2012-13 Award Winners

Jayshree Ullal, MSEMGT '86, Distinguished Engineering Alumna Award
Mohammad Ayoubi, Researcher of the Year
Drazen Fabris, Teaching Excellence Award
Joshua Conner, Adjunct Lecturer of the Year
Glenn Williams, Gerald E. Markle Award for Teaching Excellence

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2011 Centennial Award Winners

In celebration of our centenary, the School of Engineering honored 12 illustrious individuals whose work and service have made a tremendous impact on furthering the profession of engineering and the School of Engineering and Santa Clara University.
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2010 Award Winners

Richard P. Wallace, MSEMGT '86, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award
Aaron Melman, Researcher of the Year
Reynaud Serrette, Teaching Excellence Award
Michael Thorburn, Adjunct Lecturer of the Year
Warren Garrison, Gerald E. Markle Award for Teaching Excellence

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Mr. Wallace, President and CEO of KLA-Tencor Corp., will share his story and insights learned during his illustrious career in the semiconductor industry at our Engineering Speaker Series event, Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 5-7 p.m. Details here.

2009 Award Winners

Dan O'Neill, BSME '83, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award
Edwin Maurer, Researcher of the Year
Nam Ling, Teaching Excellence Award
Radhika S. Grover, Adjunct Lecturer of the Year
Richard J. Sherman, Gerald E. Markle Award for Teaching Excellence

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During our celebration of National Engineers Week, the School of Engineering honored Dan O'Neill (BSME '83), Co-founder and CTO of Trusonic, Inc. (the leader in networked music and message delivery to business locations around the world), with the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award. Dan was the keynote speaker at the E-Week Speaker Series event and shared the story of his success. Prior to founding Trusonic, O'Neill was the VP of Engineering at where he assisted in a $370 million IPO and led the engineering effort to design scalable systems for media delivery and data management.

2008 Award Winners

Chris Malachowsky, MSCS '86, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award

Mark Aschheim, Researcher of the Year
Christopher Kitts, Teaching Excellence Award
Santanu Dutta, Adjunct Lecturer of the Year
Nirdosh Bhatnagar, Gerald E. Markle Award for Teaching Excellence

In celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week, the School of Engineering awarded the prestigious  Distinguished Alumni Award to Chris Malachowsky (M.S. Computer Science ’86). Co-founder and senior vice president of engineering and operations of NVIDIA, Malachowsky is a recognized authority on IC design and methodology. He has been instrumental in managing, defining, and driving NVIDIA’s core technologies as the company has grown from a startup in 1993 to a global Fortune 1000 company (and the Forbes 2007 Company of the Year) with a worldwide reputation for engineering and product excellence.

Previous award recipients.

2007 Award Winners

Georgi Hall, BSCE '96, MSCE '98, Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award
Mark Pedrazzi, BSME '81, Outstanding Service Award
The 2007 Solar Decathlon Team, Outstanding Project Award
Timothy Hight, Teaching Excellence Award
Christopher Kitts, Researcher of the Year
Rani Mikkilineni, Adjunct Lecturer of the Year
Michael O'Flynn, Gerald E. Markle Award for Teaching Excellence

This year's Distinguished Engineering Award goes to Georgi Hall, BSCE '96, MSCE '98.  Aside from his many contributions to the field of civil engineering, Hall is active in service to his community, providing college counseling to low income and troubled high school students, and running workshops to encourage youth to pursue engineering careers. Hall is a living example of possibilities and a credit to his alma mater.

Mark Pedrazzi is awarded the 2007 Outstanding Service Award for his many accomplishments in the field of mechanical engineering, and of his service to the University, the School of Engineering, and the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE).

The 2007 Solar Decathlon Team is recognized for their commitment to excellence, their service to their school and to society, and their relentless pursuit of education for a sustainable world.

Please join us in celebrating these remarkable alumni, faculty members, and students.

2006 Award Winners

Each year the School of Engineering recognizes outstanding alumni and faculty with its engineering awards. The 2006 recipients of the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award, the highest honor bestowed by the School, were Mark Boitano, Gilberto Guardia, and Robert Peters. In 2006, we also paid tribute to John Hopkins, who received an Outstanding Service Award. These individuals remind us of the contributions our alumni have made to society, to the engineering profession, and to Santa Clara University. They are role models for future engineering students.

Also serving as outstanding role models are the exemplary members of our faculty. We honor them for their teaching and scholarship with the Engineering Faculty Awards. In recognition of his scholarship, Mahmud Rahman was named Researcher of the Year. Silvia Figueira received the School of Engineering Award for Teaching Excellence. Aaron Melman was the recipient of the Markle Award for Teaching Excellence, and Octave Baker received the Adjunct Lecturer of the Year Award.

We are very proud of the many contributions made by our alumni and faculty members, and it was with great pleasure that we honored these fine members of our community in December.

The 2007 Distinguished Engineering Awards Dinner will be held Sunday, December 2. For more information, or to nominate a distinguished engineer, click here.

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