Santa Clara University

School of Education and Counseling Psychology

Abbreviated Preliminary Teaching Program for Catholic School Teachers

Units: 9 quarter units
Average Program Length: 3 quarters, part-time
Start Dates: Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer
Instructional Methods: Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer
Faculty Coordinator: Marian Stuckey


  • EDUC 251/276: K-12 Technology for Teachers
  • EDUC 257/282: Foundations of First and Second Language Acquisition

Choose one of the following for Multiple Subject

  • EDUC 261(MS): K-12 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School
  • EDUC 283(MS): Literatire Across the Curriculum

Choose one of the following for Single Subject

  • EDUC 294(SS): Adolescent Literacy Development
  • EDUC 295(SS): Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

Teachers with six or more years of full-time Catholic or private school experience teaching a subject in which CTC offers a teaching credential may earn a preliminary multiple or single subject teaching credential without completing the entire preliminary credential phase of the CatMAT block. Teachers who believe they are eligible for this credential pathway should contact the Faculty Coordinator of Catholic Education for more detailed information.