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School of Education and Counseling Psychology
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Location: Loyola Hall
Room number: 120 K

Marian Stuckey, M.A.

Dean's Executive Professor, Coordinator of Catholic Teaching and Administration Programs

Marian Stuckey grew up in San Francisco. She received Bachelor degrees in Education and in English from the University of San Francisco. During her years teaching in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose, she received lifetime credentials in elementary and secondary education and in administrative services. She also earned a Master's in English from Loyola University and in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University.

During her career in elementary and middle Catholic school education, she served as teacher and vice principal. At the secondary level, she served as teacher, administrator and principal. Following her tenure as Principal of Presentation High School, she became the Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools for six years. She was then selected as the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of San Jose.

She has served as WASC member and chair; and as member and/or chair of numerous boards and committees throughout the Santa Clara Valley and nationally. Over the years, The National Catholic Education Association, the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership at the University of San Francisco, and the Diocese of San Jose have recognized her for her leadership in Catholic education. She has taught as an adjunct lecturer for the past twelve years at Santa Clara and is now the Dean's Executive Professor and coordinator of the Catholic School Teaching and Administration Programs. In these roles she advises all students from Catholic and private schools who are pursuing credentials at Santa Clara University, as well as, cohorts participating in the Catholic School Leadership Program, preparing teachers for administrative positions in the Catholic dioceses in the greater Bay Area. Currently, she serves as President of the Board of Trustees for Presentation High School and is a member of the steering committee of The Lantern League, a woman's giving circle with a mission to raise funds for scholarships for non-profits devoted to the education of women and girls.