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Interested in Teaching for Us ?

We are always looking for talented instructors and new workshops. We are currently looking for instructors for all five branches for Summer and Fall 2015. If you have a course that can provide value to our community of learners and fits within the Center's vision, mission, and branches, then please email your complete course proposal with the following information to

  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
  • Course Description
If you are interested in offering CEs through American Psychological Association (APA) for your workshop please include: (1) at least 5 citations of relevant research literature that supports the course content and when listing publications, only list those that are peer reviewed, (2) a statement that explains how your workshop addresses multiculturalism and the needs of the underrepresented populations, (3) state how your course content is aligned with evidence-based education, and (4) include statements that describe the accuracy and utility of the materials presented, the basis of such statements, the limitation of the content being taught, and the severe and the most common risks.
  • Learning Objectives (refer below to Guidelines for Learning Objectives)
  • Specify how each Learning Objective will be assessed
  • Course Schedule/Agenda/ Syllabus (include breaks and lunch)
  • Target Audience
  • A brief statement as to why your course is of value to the target audience
  • Method of delivery (online, in class, blended learning, on demand)
  • Instructor Photo and Mini Biography (250 words or less)

IMPORTANT: Incomplete course proposals will not be considered. Please note if you do not include the APA specific information, your course/workshop will not be approved for CEs.

Proposal Submission Workflow

Proposal Submission Review Calendar

Submission Deadline for 2015/16 Academic Year

Your complete proposal must be received by the deadline designated for each quarter in which you wish to teach. 

Summer 2015 - Deadline April 1, 2015

Fall 2015 - Deadline July 1, 2015

Winter 2016 - Deadline October 1, 2015

Spring 2016 - Deadline January 1, 2015

Guidelines for Learning Objectives

Learning objectives must be observable and measurable. They should clearly describe the desired knowledge (cognitive), skills (psychomotor or mental), or attitude (affective) to be achieved by the learner as a result of attending the course. Objectives should include two elements: action and result. In other words, what action do you want participants to demonstrate and what result do you want to see from the demonstration. When identifying action words refer to higher level thinking words in Bloom's Taxonomy. Avoid the verbs know, understand, learn, appreciate, become aware of, and become familiar with. There should be at least one objective per hour of instruction. If one is proposing a workshop with seven hours of instruction then the proposal should include seven objectives. 

Sample learning objectives

  • List the 3 major reasons for employee attrition.
  • Write a brief case study on employee engagement
  • Summarize in writing one's thoughts on the term "success"
  • Calculate the cost of the project one has designed.
  • Design a flowchart for recruiting employees. 

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