Santa Clara University

School of Education and Counseling Psychology

Fees, Facts, & Figures

Tuition and Fees

Application charge (Payment should be sent with each application form and is not refundable. Nondegree students pay this fee once, at the initial application.) $50
2014-15 Tuition, per quarter unit $538
2015-16 Tuition, per quarter unit $556
Education Graduate Student Association Fee (per quarter) $40
Counseling Psychology Graduate Student Associate Fee(per quarter) $40
Late registration Fee $100
Course Drop/Swap Fee (per course) $50
Late Payment Fee $100
Student Health Insurance(annual) $2,805

Note: International students holding F-1 visa are required to enroll for a minimum number of 8 units each quarter to pursue full-time study, except for Summer breaks and their last quarter, to maintain their visa status.  This may increase the cost of the program especially if you are a student enrolled into the Master of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential Program.

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Method of Payment
All payment plans are held through the Bursar's office. Additional information about Electronic Payment (e-checks) or Payment by Mail can be found on the Bursar's website at:



How much will graduate school cost?

Multiply the number of units of your program by the cost per unit. Additional costs (e.g., books, parking, student organization fees) are not included.

Program Units
Teacher Education and Preparation Programs
Master of Arts in Teaching + Teaching Credential (Single or Multiple Subject) 63
Preliminary Teaching Credential for Catholic School Teachers 43
Clear Teaching Credential for Catholic School Teachers 12
Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Education 45
Educational Leadership & Administration Programs
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential 36
Clear Administrative Services Credential 14
SCU Certificate in Catholic School Leadership 30
Master of Arts in Educational Administration 45
Counseling Psychology Programs
Master of Arts in Counseling 51
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology 90