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ECP Tuition and Endowed Scholarship Application


SECP Tuition and Endowed Scholarship Application 15-16 Academic Year

The School of Education and Counseling Psychology offers a variety of tuition and endowed scholarships for currently enrolled and newly admitted students. Scholarship awards may be awarded on a quarterly or annual basis. The FAFSA is currently not required to be considered for a scholarship. However, the following general criteria will be considered: program and emphasis area, merit, need, enrollment status (full time vs. part time), and overall experience with and commitment to multiculturalism and social justice.

Important notes:

  • The deadline for the 2015-16 SECP Tuition and Endowed Scholarship application is March 30, 2015.
  • International students are not eligible for an endowed scholarship, but may apply for a tuition scholarship.
  • Non-degree students are not eligible for either scholarship.
  • Prospective and newly admitted students are welcome to complete the scholarship application option connected to the main admissions application, as this form will NOT be necessary for new/prospective applicants and incoming students.
  • Currently Enrolled Students: Currently enrolled students may apply for a full year scholarship award for each academic year. Please note, if you missed the application deadline, you may still apply and be considered for a quarterly award if funding still exists.

All tuition scholarships and endowed scholarships will be awarded based on information provided in this single application. Please only submit one application per academic year.

SECP Tuition and Endowed Scholarship Application 15-16 Academic Year

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Curriculum & Instruction (CI)
Science, Technology, Environmental Education, & Mathematics (STEEM)
Learning & Technology
International Education
Alternative and Correctional Education

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Financial Need

If applying to a tuition scholarship based on financial need, please answer the following questions:

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What do you believe makes you a strong candidate for a tuition scholarship? Your response may include merit and/or need based factors, as well as other factors that you deem relevant (please limit your response to 500 words).*