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Renew an Existing RSO

  • iconAnnual Renewal

    Once a year every Registered Student Organization (RSO) is required to renew for the next academic year. The deadline to renew is by Friday, 5:00pm of Week 5 during the spring quarter.

  • iconRenewal Requirements

    In order to renew an RSO, your student organization must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Have at least 2 undergraduate students serve as club officers, particularly president and treasurer.
    • Have at least 15 active self-selecting members, which may include club officers.
    • Have all club officers be undergraduate students.
    • Have a majority of members be undergraduate students.
    CSL Advisor & Optional Faculty/Staff Advisor

    Your club is automatically assigned an advisor through the Center for Student Leadership (CSL). You may have an additional faculty/staff advisor (not required, though), but you will at least have a CSL advisor. After your renewal is approved, you will be informed of who your CSL advisor will be; in most cases, though, it will be Samantha Kibbish, Assistant Director for Student Organizations.

  • iconRenewal Process

    To renew an RSO, complete the following steps by the deadline stated in the "Annual Renewal" section above.

    Step #1: Register for an Individual OrgSync Account

    In order to renew your club, you need to have an individual OrgSync account first. If you have an account already, then proceed to the next step. However, if you do not have an account yet, create your account now.

    Step #2: Become an Administrator for Your Club's OrgSync Profile

    In order to update your club's OrgSync profile, you must be an administrator for this profile. To become an administrator, contact one of the current administrators or contact Samantha Kibbish.

    Step #3: Update Your Club's OrgSync Profile

    Follow these steps to update your club's OrgSync profile:

    • Log into your OrgSync account.
    • Put your cursor/mouse over "Organizations" (top menu) and find your organization from the drop-down menu.
    • Click on your organization.
    • Click on "Settings" at the bottom of the left menu.
    • Click on "Profile" (under the header "Organization Settings").
    • Update information on each page as needed. Here are a few steps described in detail:

    Upload a Constitution: On the 3rd page of your club's OrgSync profile, you will need to review (and revise if necessary) the constitution that should already be uploaded. Click and download the constitution, review and revise it, and re-upload it.

    >>> Constitution Template (Word)

    Officer Agreement Forms: Each club officer needs to complete this form. Click here to access the form to share with your officers (online form).

    Advisor Agreement Form: If you have a faculty/staff advisor, then your advisor needs to complete this form. Click here to access this form to share with your advisor (online form).

  • iconRenewal Approval

    Once your club has submitted all required material as part of the renewal process, CSL performs an initial review of eligibility. Then a week after the renewal deadline, the Associated Student Government (ASG) grants final approval.

    After ASG has made a decision about your club, you will be contacted to formally announce that your RSO is renewed for the next academic year.

  • iconFor More Information

    Samantha Kibbish, Assistant Director for Student Organizations, Center for Student Leadership

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