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Recreational Sports & Physical Activity

  • iconRestricted from Competition

    If your student organization is in the list below, then all sections of this webpage apply to you because you are restricted from competing against non-SCU entities:

    • Badminton Club
    • Bocce Club
    • Croquet Club
    • E-Soccer
    • Iron Broncos
    • Jiu Jitsu Club
    • Just Kickin' It Pick-Up Soccer Club
    • Leavey Golf Club
    • Rock Climbing Club
    • Running Club
    • Water Polo Club

    Generally, your student organization is exclusively for games and practices amongst SCU students. If your student organization is considering to compete in leagues, tournaments, or other organized play against non-SCU entities and you are not sure if your organization is eligible to do so, it is highly recommended you consult with Samantha Kibbish, Assistant Director for Student Organizations to verify.

  • iconRestricted Student Organizations vs. Club Sports

    Restricted student organizations are those that:

    Club Sports are student teams that:

  • iconUsing the Term "Team"

    Restricted student organizations can only be called clubs and may not be referred to as teams. On the other hand, Club Sports teams may be called clubs or teams.

  • iconNotice of Participation

    Although restricted student organizations cannot engage in competition as an entire organization against non-SCU entities, a few members may participate in activities such as tournaments, exhibitions, and pick-up games off campus. League play is not permitted and activities may not take place on weekdays when classes are in session.

    If a few of your members are interested, complete the Notice of Participation Form and submit for approval.

    >>> Notice of Participation Form (online form)

  • iconVolunteer Instructors

    Recreational sports clubs may have up to 2 instructors who serve on a volunteer basis. Volunteer instructors are not coaches and cannot be paid. Each volunteer instructor must complete a Volunteer Instructor Agreement Form each quarter.

    To request a volunteer instructor as well as an access pass to enter campus athletic facilities, contact Samantha Kibbish, Assistant Director for Student Organizations.

  • iconReservation Limitation

    All student organizations (regardless of whether or not they are listed above in the first section) are each limited to 10 hours per week of room reservations for practices, rehearsals, and/or pick-up games.

  • iconReservations of Malley & Athletic Facilities

    Reservation of the Malley Fitness and Recreation Center as well as other athletic facilities by student organizations must comply with a variety of regulations and procedures.

    >>> Malley Reservation Regulations & Procedures (PDF)

    Student organizations are limited to a certain number of Malley reservation hours. Each student organization may reserve the following Malley facilities for a maximum number of hours per week:

    • Multipurpose room = maximum of 6 hours per week
    • Pool = maximum of 8 hours per week
  • iconFor More Information

    Samantha Kibbish, Assistant Director for Student Organizations, Center for Student Leadership

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