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  • iconSignatures on Contracts

    For any type of contract, the only acceptable signature from Santa Clara is the signature of the Director of Campus Program in the Center for Student Leadership (CSL) or the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life. A few important items to note:

    • Students are not permitted to sign any contracts. If you accidentally signed a contract, contact your CSL advisor immediately to learn how to remedy the situation.
    • Faxed and scanned versions of signed contracts are acceptable.
    • E-signatures where individuals type in their signatures rather than use a pen to sign are not acceptable.
  • iconContracts for Speakers & Performers

    If your student organization is inviting a non-SCU speaker or performer for an event, then the speaker or performer needs to review, sign, and submit an Engagement Agreement. This agreement is required even if the speaker or performer is not receiving payment. Some speakers and performers may have their own contracts so their contracts will be used instead of the Engagement Agreement.

    • Speakers include (but are not limited to) keynote speakers, presenters, facilitators, panelists, judges, etc.
    • Performers include (but are not limited to) musicians, dancers, artists, actors, comedians, etc.

    >>> Engagement Agreement

  • iconContracts for Vendors

    If a non-SCU school, company, or organization is paying your student organization or the University to be on campus, then the company or organization needs to review, sign, and submit a Vendor Agreement.

    Vendor Agreements are also required if a student organization is charging a fee for a non-SCU school, company, or organization to be on campus for an event.

    >>> Vendor Agreement

  • iconContracts for Service Providers & Venues

    If your student organization is renting equipment from a non-SCU company, requesting services from a non-SCU company, or reserving space at a non-SCU venue, then your student organization needs to have a contract with that service provider or venue. Most service providers and venues will have their own contracts.

    Service providers and venues may include (but are not limited to):

    • Catering companies or restaurants
    • Sound and lighting companies
    • Staging companies
    • Bus companies
    • Venues such as hotels, banquet halls, and rental properties
  • iconW-9 IRS Form

    If an individual or company is being contracted and is being paid, then this individual or company (also called "payee") needs to be in the Accounts Payable system. If a payee is not in the system yet, then the payee needs to complete a W-9 IRS Form. However, if a payee is already in the system, then no W-9 IRS Form is needed.

    The W-9 IRS Form accompanies all other payment forms including (a) the signed contract, and (b) the Payment Request Form (for Chartered Student Organizations or CSOs only) or Expense Request Form (for Registered Student Organizations or RSOs only).

    >>> W-9 IRS Form (blank)

  • iconInsurance

    >>> Click here to learn more about insurance related to contracts

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