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Funding Allocations

  • iconAllocations for CSOs

    Chartered Student Organizations (CSOs) are managed on a self-supporting principle using program revenues and student activity fees allocated by the University. The student activity fee is an amount of the overall tuition and fees paid by each undergraduate student designated by the University to support the programs, activities, and services of the CSOs. For more information:

    >>> CSO Funding Allocation Procedure (PDF)

  • iconAllocations for RSOs

    Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) receive funds through the Associated Student Government (ASG). There are two ways an RSO can receive funds from ASG:

    Quarterly Funding

    By attending a quarterly training, an RSO will gain access to $100 for that quarter. However, keep in mind that any unspent funds from one quarter does not carry over to the next quarter. Be sure to spend all $100 before the quarter ends or else your RSO will lose whatever amount remains from that allocation.

    Discretionary (Supplemental) Funding

    RSOs may also petition ASG for discretionary (supplemental) funding. With a few exceptions, discretionary funding may not carry over from one quarter to another. There are two different deadlines for funding petitions:

    • If the request is for $1,000 or less, then the funding petition may be submitted any time during the academic year.
    • If the request is for more than $1,000, then the funding petition is due by a particular deadline each quarter:
      • For Fall 2015 events: September 30, 2015, 5:00pm.
      • For Winter 2016 events: October 28, 2015, 5:00pm.
      • For Spring 2016 events (early round): February 10, 2016, 5:00pm.
      • For Spring 2016 events (late round): March 30, 2016, 5:00pm (this date is tentative).
    Accessing Funds Received from ASG

    If your RSO received either quarterly funding ($100), discretionary (supplemental) funding, or both from ASG, then you can access these funds by submitting an Expense Request Form as well as receipts and invoices to Arcelia Rodriguez. Blank forms can be found at the Locatelli Activity Center by the front desk. Submit all documents at the front desk in the appropriate tray for RSOs.

    The aggregate amount on submitted receipts and invoices will be deducted from the amount allocated by ASG. If the aggregate amount on submitted receipts and invoices is more than the amount allocated by ASG, then other sources of funding such as fund-raised dollars will be used to cover the difference.

    Note: Arcelia Rodriguez or ASG does not hand out cash if your RSO is granted quarterly funding and/or discretionary (supplemental) funding.

    Funding Resources

    >>> Online Form for Discretionary Funding
    >>> Information about The Santa Clara Fund (PDF)

  • iconGrants

    The Center for Student Leadership (CSL) and Office for Multicultural Learning (OML) each offer grant opportunities (Late Night Programming Grant and Multicultural Learning Grant) to financially support programming by student organizations. Also, the Development Office offers a grant opportunity via the Santa Clara Fund.

    >>> Click here to learn more about grant opportunities

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