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  • iconAdvisors

    Each Registered Student Organization (RSO) has at least an advisor through the Center for Student Leadership (CSL). For the 2014-15 academic year, CSL advising assignments are as follows:

    In addition to the CSL advisor, each RSO may also have (but are not required to have) another faculty/staff advisor and may have multiple faculty/staff advisors. It is up to each RSO to decide whether additional advisors beyond the CSL advisor is necessary.

  • iconCommunication with Advisors

    RSOs are expected to maintain regular communication with their advisors. However, the role of the advisor in relation to the daily operations of the organization may vary depending on organizational needs, interests, and resources.

  • iconAdvisor Responsibilities

    Faculty/staff advisors typically have distinct responsibilities from CSL advisors. Although there may be some overlap, each type of advisor tends to play a different role to assist RSOs.

    Faculty/Staff Advisor

    Faculty/staff advisors may fulfill any number of responsibilities to assist their respective RSOs. It is up to each RSO to discuss with the faculty/staff advisor to determine responsibilities. Such responsibilities may include (but are not limited to):

    • Attending events.
    • Attending meetings.
    • Meeting with the president before and/or after meetings.
    • Sharing relevant information during meetings.
    • Challenging leaders and members to think creatively and openly.
    • Taking an active part in formulating organizational goals.
    • Taking an active part in facilitating the implementation of organizational goals.
    • Promoting activities to other faculty/staff.
    CSL Advisor

    The general responsibilities of CSL advisors are:

  • iconAdvisor Agreement Form

    Every faculty/staff advisor is required to sign an Advisor Agreement Form once each academic year. This form may be submitted electronically online during the RSO renewal process.

  • iconAdvisor Resources

    Faculty/staff advisors may need to assist leaders and members with managing the organization, events, and finances. Below is a link to a variety of online resources that may be useful:

    >>> Resources for Advisors to Assist RSOs

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