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  • iconReservation Protocol & Rental Use Agreement

    Reservation Protocol and Rental Use Agreements by type of user:

    Key updates to the Reservation Protocol include a fee structure and the inability to remove furniture and equipment from inside the building. It is the responsibility of the user of the building to read and abide by all terms within the appropriate Reservation Protocol.

  • iconStudent Organizations

    To make a reservation of any indoor or outdoor space at the Locatelli Activity Center (except for Alumni Park), contact Samantha Kibbish (408-554-4745) or click the link below to submit an online request:

    >>> Event Planning Request Form

  • iconUniversity Departments

    Reservations of the Locatelli Activity Center (inside or outside except for Alumni Park) by University departments are handled by the building manager Alissa Novak (408-554-5424).

  • iconAlumni Park

    To reserve Alumni Park located outside of the Locatelli Activity Center, contact Paul Neilan from the Alumni Office.

  • iconOther Rooms & Spaces on Campus

    All student organizations must also contact Samantha Kibbish (408-554-4745) to reserve any room or space on campus -- including the Locatelli Activity Center -- for events and meetings.

    She also assists student organizations with requests to table at Benson Memorial Center and with any reservations of audio/video equipment through Media Services.

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