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  • iconWhat is NJSLC?

    The National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference (NJSLC) is a five-day conference for all 28 Jesuit Universities throughout the United States. This conference is designed for student leaders to prepare for their leadership positions with other students. The conference is full of workshops, social activities, small group discussions, a day of service, and opening and closing banquets. NJSLC gives students a unique opportunity to learn about their specific leadership position and meet students from across the country who have similar positions. It allows students to bond, not only with their leadership team from their University, but also, meet and get to know hundreds of other students.

    A different Jesuit University hosts the conference every summer. Each school picks an over-arching theme and designs the entire conference. Last year, Loyola University, Chicago hosted NJSLC at the beginning of July with the theme Go Forth and Set the World on Fire! And this summer, College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts will be hosting with the theme Live the Mission. In October 2011 Santa Clara University was awarded the bid to host NJSLC in summer 2013 with the theme Contemplatives in Action: Leaders in a Globalizing World.

    Our theme speaks to the roots of the Jesuit mission and tradition. As student leaders at Jesuit Universities, we have cultivated many skills and values throughout the formation and reflection inherent in a Jesuit education. This conference aims to encourage continual formation in Jesuit student leaders, but more importantly it seeks to ignite in students a desire and focus to apply these skills in our global society and make a positive impact. Throughout the conference, students will delve deeper into the themes of: Ethics and Sustainability, Innovation, and Global Citizenship.

  • iconGeneral Information

    • Dates: June 26-30, 2013
    • Theme: "Contemplatives in Action: Leaders in a Globalizing World"
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