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Men in Progress

  • iconMen in Progress

    Presented by the Center for Student Leadership (CSL) and Office of Student Life, this program is an opportunity for men to gather in a space to learn, communicate, and reflect about their definition of what it means to be a “man” and how that impacts one’s relationships and behaviors.

    By participating in this program, students will:

    • Begin to define masculinity
    • Explore the intersections of social identities
    • Gain a basic understanding of male socialization
    • Gain a basic understanding of the concept of male privilege
    • Gan an understanding of how male privilege impacts the community
    • Develop reflection and critical thinking skills
    • Develop the ability to express feelings and emotions not normally expressed by men
    • Develop the ability to affirm other people, especially other men
    • Develop the ability to trust others, especially other men
  • iconEligibility to Participate

    Male students interested in reflecting upon and engaging in discussions about the male identity, relationships, and life experiences.

  • iconPedagogy

    Students will be able to reflect on their own backgrounds, values, experiences, and perspectives regarding what it means to be a "man" in addition to hearing the stories and thoughts of fellow male students. Men in Progress is comprised of an over-night retreat and bi-weekly discussion sessions. The retreat lays the foundation for male students to feel comfortable sharing with one another their stories and experiences around topics of manhood and masculinity. And the discussion sessions focus on specific topics in more depth.

  • iconFacilitators

    Lester Deanes, Office of Student Life
    Daniel Goines, Office of Residence Life
    Brandon Jenkins, Center for Student Leadership
    Kyle Medley, Office of Residence Life
    Ed Ryan, Provost's Office
    Corey Valine, Benson Memorial Center
    Tedd Vanadilok, Center for Student Leadership

  • iconFor More Information

    Tedd Vanadilok, Director of Campus Programs
    Lester Deanes, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Life

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