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Event Planning Process

  • iconEvent Planning Request Form

    The Event Planning Request Form is the online form you submit to plan an event and request space to reserve. Samantha Kibbish assists all student organizations with reserving rooms on campus as well as tables at Benson Memorial Center. This form must be completed for any room reservation or tabling request.

    A reservation is not confirmed until the Event Planning Request Form is approved by Samantha Kibbish.

    >>> Event Planning Request Form (online form)

  • iconFollowing Through with Event Planning

    After completing the Event Planning Request Form, subsequent steps are generally those needed to follow through on items explained on this form. More specifically:

    • Your CSL advisor will assist your student organization with follow through on most additional items.
    • Arcelia Rodriguez assists all student organizations with financial transactions such as payments, reimbursements, deposits, and transfers.
    • Bon Appetit will be the primary catering option for events unless one of several possible exceptions are met.
    • Facilities will provide any needed tables, chairs, and staging that are not already provided in your confirmed space for your event. See more details below about working with Facilities.
    • Media Services will provide any needed audio/video equipment such as laptops, projectors, screens, sound systems, microphones, etc. that are not already provided in your confirmed space for your event. See more details below about working with Media Services.
  • iconTabling at Benson Memorial Center

    If your student organization is tabling inside or outside the Benson Memorial Center, then only the Event Planning Request Form is required. Contact Samantha Kibbish to complete this form and confirm your reservation.

  • iconOff-Campus Trips & Activities

    If your student organization is planning an off-campus trip or activity, you need to follow the protocol for trips instead of the event planning process described above.

    >>> Event Planning Protocol for Off-Campus Trips & Activities

  • iconTables, Chairs & Staging Reservations via Facilities

    Facilities reservation orders for tables, chairs, and/or staging must be submitted at least 7 business days in advance of your event date. Samantha Kibbish has request forms available at the Locatelli Activity Center front desk. Keep in mind the following:

    • Even though Samantha Kibbish will assist you with completing the form if/when needed, you are responsible for submitting the reservation request and following up with Facilities.
    • A speed type (budget string or account number) is required for each request. Samantha Kibbish can provide the speed type; requests will not be fulfilled without one.
    • Facilities will no longer work on weekends free of charge. Any requests for weekend events will can with a charge of $54 per hour per Facilities staff member, who each have to work a minimum of 4 hours. Work hours for weekend shifts typically start between 6:00-7:00am and end around 3:00pm.
  • iconEquipment Reservations via Media Services

    Use this online form if your student organization needs to order equipment through media services:

    >>> Online Media Services Reservation Form

  • iconReservations of Athletic Facilities

    Student organizations can request practice space at athletic facilities (Malley, Pool, Bellomy Field) starting Week 2 of the quarter for when practices are to be held. Practices may start as soon as that week, but not during Week 1.

    However, student organizations that want to host events at athletic facilities (Malley, Pool, Bellomy Field), then they may submit reservation requests at any time.

    If your student organization is reserving any athletic facilities (Malley, Pool, Bellomy Field), keep the following reservation limits in mind (limits are per week per student organization):

    • Multipurpose room in Malley (6 hour limit)
    • Basketball courts in Malley (6 hour limit)
    • Pool (8 hours)
    • Bellomy Field (no limit but entire field is closed during Club Sports home games)

    And student organizations are not permitted to have minors (anybody younger than 18 who is also not a Santa Clara student) participate in their practices or attend their activities in athletic facilities.

  • iconFitness Classes Hosted by Student Organizations

    Student organizations may host fitness classes only if the instructor is certified (verification is required) AND if the class being offered fits one of these specific parameters:

    1) The fitness class is a short (20 minutes or less) introduction to the activity and not a full class, OR
    2) The fitness class must be during finals week; Weeks 1-10 of any academic quarter is not permitted since classes are offered by Malley

  • iconUniversity Departments

    The event planning process for University departments is handled by the building manager Alissa Novak. Contact her directly to make a reservation and discuss your event plans.

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