Santa Clara University

Center for Student Leadership


  • iconMission Statement

    The Center for Student Leadership (CSL) is dedicated to providing high quality leadership education through leadership programs and student activities in an integrated academic environment. Working with faculty, students, staff, alumni, and the greater community, CSL will:

    • Prepare you to be informed educated leaders in society who exhibit courage, character, and respect for others.
    • Provide you opportunities to discover your potential and examine your personal values, opinions, and beliefs.
    • Encourage you to practice skills and competencies associated with effective leadership.
    • Advise student leaders and student organizations in group development, organizational management, and program development.
    • Be an advocate for your interests and celebrate your contributions to University life and the larger community.
  • iconBackground Information

    Established in 1993, CSL is a resource dedicated to enhancing your leadership potential. CSL directly educates for leadership in the Jesuit tradition. The staff of scholar-practitioners provides programs and services that embrace the values of social justice, citizenship, ethical decision-making, service to others, and diversity. The programs and services of CSL are based on the following:

    • Leadership is a process rather than a position--the skills associated with leadership can be learned and should be practiced.
    • Formalized leadership opportunities provide an environment where you can better understand your ability to influence campus and community culture.
    • Values-based leadership programs create a rich environment for learning how to lead and serve in the Jesuit tradition.
    • Developmental theory and educational models provide the framework from which programs and services are designed and delivered.
    • Leadership development outcomes provide the foundation for ongoing evaluation of our programs and services.
  • iconLearning Development Outcomes

    After participating in a leadership program or being involved as a student leader, you will:

    • Have an understanding of leadership as a process and reflect on how values and experiences affect how you choose to serve and lead.
    • Be able to integrate leadership competencies with practical experiences.
    • Have the ability to think ethically and critically, be able to make individual decisions, and participate effectively in group decision-making.
  • iconPhilosophy Statements

    CSL has two philosophy statements: one regarding leadership programs and one regarding advising.

    Leadership Programs

    CSL leadership programs are assessment-based and outcome-oriented, focus on both concepts and skills, address variable skill levels, incorporate alternative learning styles, and utilize student and leadership development theories in their design and implementation. CSL continually evaluates and redesigns its leadership programs. Leading by example, CSL is committed to becoming a benchmark program in your undergraduate experience.


    CSL is dedicated to educating leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion. CSL advisors accompany student leaders and offer guidance as mentors, program consultants, and leadership educators. Student leaders are expected to direct and develop their organizations, manage programs and individuals, and exercise autonomous decision-making. CSL staff will facilitate reflection, enforce University polices, and encourage effective leadership practices. CSL is committed to helping student leaders learn from the successes and setbacks experienced within their organizations.

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