Santa Clara University



What is Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan?

The Wellness Center on campus offers thorough definitions of Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan.

Do EMTs "write up" residents living on campus?

No, the EMTs work alongside Campus Safety but do not "write up" people for any policy violations. EMTs simply provide medical attention and have no role in the disciplinary process.

Are EMTs paid?

No, all EMTs are volunteers and the work done by SCU EMS is unpaid.

How many EMTs are on SCU EMS?

There are 36 EMTs for the 2013-14 academic year.

How do the EMTs get to the location of medical calls?

The EMTs use golf carts to transport themselves and their gear to the scene of each incident.

How long is a shift and how many people work each shift?

SCU EMS is on duty every night of the academic year, with the exception of finals week. Each shift begins at 5:00pm and ends at 8:00am. There are 3 EMTs on duty each night who respond to emergency calls.

What kinds of calls does SCU EMS respond to?

SCU EMS responds to a variety of calls including medical issues, trauma, intoxication, sports-related injuries, and psychological calls.

Is SCU EMS available to work at on-campus events?

Yes, if SCU EMS is contacted ahead of the event, then a team of EMTs will cover an on-campus event such as a concert, sporting event, alumni event, etc. SCU EMS asks for a $100 donation, if possible, to cover the cost of the equipment used on a typical shift.

How do SCU EMTs maintain their skills?

All SCU EMTs are required to attend multiple training sessions each quarter to maintain and improve their skills as well as keep their certifications current. These training sessions are put on by the SCU EMS Training Officers. SCU EMS also will invite certain ambulance companies and the Santa Clara County Fire Department to conduct occasional training sessions.