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  • iconFirst Aid & CPR

    Even if you are not an EMT, it can be beneficial to have general knowledge of first aid and CPR. Your skills in these areas could be extremely useful if you are ever in a situation that requires immediate medical attention.

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  • iconAlcohol Poisoning

    If you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning, call SCU EMS at (408) 554-4444 or call 911 immediately. Some common signs of alcohol poisoning include:

    If you see any of these symptoms or have reason to believe someone is severely intoxicated, do not wait to get them help. Also, do not let them “sleep it off.” They will become more dehydrated as they sleep and risk vomiting in their sleep.

    Alcohol poisoning can lead to serious consequences such as:

    Do not let someone go untreated if they are at risk for these severe consequences.