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About EMS

 Overseen by the Cowell Center, SCU EMS is the team of student EMTs (emergency medical technicians) that serve the Santa Clara campus community.

SCUs EMT team in Broncos Read

EMTsBroncos Read is a University Library-driven initiative to honor faculty, staff, and students who represent exceptional scholarship, achievements, and those who embody Conscience, Competence, and Compassion. Similar to the ALA READ posters and Creighton University's National Library Week posters, the Broncos Read posters feature University members with their favorite book, newspaper, or other reading material in a place of their choice on campus.

Each year around National Library Week in April, the Broncos Read committee will produce a poster of a student, a student team or club, a faculty member, and a staff member. Honorees will have the opportunity to explain what their reading selection means to them and will be given a copy of their poster at a special "unveiling" reception. The University Library will also put copies of the posters on display both physically and digitally.

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