Santa Clara University


About EMS

General Information:
Santa Clara University Emergency Medical Services is a student run and operated medical care organization. We are operated by a volunteer staff of  35 Nationally Certified and State Licensed EMT-Basics. Our program operates under the guidance and licenses of several medical professionals from the Cowell Center who function as our Medical Directors. We work closely with Santa Clara University Campus Safety Services to provide emergency medical care to the University campus from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. when the health center is closed. Our shifts each night and morning are manned by three or four EMT-B's.   

How We Operate:
We are dispatched to any emergency scenes on campus that require medical personnel by and alongside Campus Safety Services. Any student calling the CSS Emergency Phone - (408) 554-4444 - can request medical attention from SCU EMS. 

We can:
  -  Respond to any medical emergency that occurs on university property
  -  Provide stabilizing medical care and Basic Life Support (BLS)
  -  Call ambulances for any patient in need of immediate hospital care
  -  Provide important information pertaining to many injuries and conditions
We cannot: 
  -  Respond to events or emergencies which occur off campus (call 911!)
  -  Provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) or perform invasive procedures
  -  Transport patients to hospitals independent of local EMS/Fire agencies
  -  Diagnose conditions or prescribe/provide medications 

SCUs EMT team in Broncos Read

EMTsBroncos Read is a University Library-driven initiative to honor faculty, staff, and students who represent exceptional scholarship, achievements, and those who embody Conscience, Competence, and Compassion. Similar to the ALA READ posters and Creighton University's National Library Week posters, the Broncos Read posters feature University members with their favorite book, newspaper, or other reading material in a place of their choice on campus.

Each year around National Library Week in April, the Broncos Read committee will produce a poster of a student, a student team or club, a faculty member, and a staff member. Honorees will have the opportunity to explain what their reading selection means to them and will be given a copy of their poster at a special "unveiling" reception. The University Library will also put copies of the posters on display both physically and digitally.

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