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Stress & Relaxation Interactive Program

CAPS has designed an Interactive Program to help you manage stress!

We all have stress – sometimes it’s helpful, but sometimes it gets in the way.

The exercises and information within this Program are designed to help you:

This Interactive Program has three levels that will help you master your stress. It is best to complete these levels in order, since they progress from a basic understanding of stress to a more complex breakdown of how stress affects your daily life and broader goals.

  • iconLevel One

    The Basics: Stress & Self Care

    This level teaches you what stress is and how it impacts your life.

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  • iconLevel Two

    Daily Management: Relaxation Exercises & Thought Records

    This level teaches you how to cope with stress on a day to day basis.

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  • iconLevel Three

    The Bigger Picture: Personal Values & Discovering Your Good Life

    This level teaches you how stress affects your larger values and life goals.

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It’s helpful to learn about stress and how to manage it. Why? Because increasing awareness is the first step in making a change for the better! This Interactive Program will help you figure out if stress is helping or hurting you, and what to do about it if it’s a problem.

This program was designed in 2013 by Santa Clara University Counseling & Psychological Services. To use any material from this site, you must seek permission from the Cowell Center Director.