Santa Clara University


Individual Therapy

Therapy for students

Counseling is a unique opportunity to spend time with a trained therapist. Your counselor will listen and help you to understand yourself better and will support you in identifying ways of reaching your own goals.

Students address a variety of issues in individual therapy. These issues include -- but are not limited to -- relationships, depression, anxiety, stress management, self-esteem, family conflicts, eating disorders, alcohol and drug concerns, decision making, homesickness, test anxiety, sexual issues, cross-cultural issues, and LGBTQ issues.

All students are eligible for up to 10 sessions per academic year. You and your therapist will determine the exact frequency of sessions and the length of therapy. For students interested in longer-term psychotherapy, they are encouraged to utilize off-campus resources such as their student health insurance, private insurance, or one of the local low-cost community counseling centers. Visit the Resources page to learn more information about these options.

Therapy for faculty & staff

CAPS provides limited services to Santa Clara faculty and staff. There are three categories into which these services generally fall:

At this time CAPS does not provide individual or group psychotherapy services to faculty and staff. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Human Resources at 408-554-4392 to learn more information about the Employee Assistance Program.