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"Queer Abby" Advice Column

Whether your attractions and relationships are same-sex, opposite-sex, both, or unclear, Queer Abby is about helping you make sense of your sexual health, relationship, and intimacy needs.

General Intake

Information about:

Mental Health Screenings

Your mental health and wellness are very important to us. CAPS and the Wellness Center are pleased to offer all students the opportunity to take a brief, free, and anonymous online screening to assess various aspects of your physical and mental health.

Educational Testing

The CAPS Administrative Assistant is the regional testing supervisor for many national standardized testing services such as the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and American College Testing (ACT).

Individual Therapy

Counseling is a unique opportunity to spend time with a trained therapist. Your counselor will listen and help you to understand yourself better and will support you in identifying ways of reaching your own goals.

Workshops and Presentations

CAPS is available to present workshops to meet your programming needs.