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About CourseAvail

The CourseAvail Web site provides access to class data for past, current and forthcoming terms, and course descriptions (where available). CourseAvail's data is updated every minute (approximately) from the University's administrative system database, and so the information presented in CourseAvail's search results may vary from the data displayed in ECampus.


From the CourseAvail home page, you can enter a "quick" or "advanced" search. To enter a quick search, you can submit a 5-digit class number, a subject abbreviation (ENGL), or subject and course number (ENGL 11), or a full subject description (English). The quick search will always search against the most active term's data ("most active" is the term most frequently selected by CourseAvail users). The advanced search gives you more control over the selection of records.

The class details display, which is shown when a 5-digit class number is selected, includes a description from the University Bulletin (if available).


The Schedule search interface allows you to select a subject (or multiple subjects) from a specific school for a specified term. The search results will be group by undergraduate and graduate classes, then grouped by subject. You can modify the sort order of the search results by clicking on the label at the top of a column (Class, Number, Title, etc.).

The Office of the Registrar Web site ( provides additional class schedule information, including notes related to a specific class and class descriptions.

Facebook Watch List

You can now save a list of classes to watch using the Courseavail app on Facebook. Courseavail on Facebook includes the same up-to-date information about scheduled classes and available seats, and also allows you to share and view Watch Lists with your friends on Facebook.

CourseAvail Search

Use the quick or advanced search forms to find available seats remaining for scheduled classes. Select a subject, or enter an instructor name, catalog number, or class meeting days or times.

Class availability data is updated approximately every minute.