Santa Clara University


Dining Facilities

The Dining Facilities at Santa Clara University offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from to meet the preferences for your event. Some of our dining options include group lunches, sit down style meals, buffet set ups, and a host of other catering options. Our dining options are highly customizable, and can be tailored to fit the specifics of your event, including the arrangement of participant gift packages. Our team in Conference Services and Catering will handle all of your rental needs as well as catering choices through our exclusive catering services, which is hosted through Santa Clara University's Dining Services. Contact Conference Services at 408-554-4302 to discuss planning your next conference or event. Below you will see some of the various set ups and areas that are available for Conference Services to host Dining events, including Santa Clara University's Adobe Lodge, Graham Commons, Lucas Hall Patio, and more!

Some of our popular Dining Facilities (photos below) include:

Elegant Evening Catering

The Adobe Lodge: As the only remaining Adobe brick building from the original Santa Clara Mission establishment, the Adobe Lodge offers a wonderful dining experience, either inside the building or outside on the lawn. (Lodge Capacity: 200 individuals, Lawn Capacity: 150 individuals)

Benson Memorial Center

Mission Bakery and Cafe: Located in Benson Memorial Center, Mission Bakery offers retail dining, coffee, and espresso to guests.

The Marketplace: The Marketplace is an ideal setting to dine with other conference groups, typically with a buffet setup. (Capacity: 300 individuals)

Available for Private Group Catering through Mission Catering

The Bronco Patio (located in Benson): The Bronco Patio is located in between The Bronco and Bronco Corner Bookstore, on the side of Benson Memorial Center.  It is a great place to sit and eat lunch and enjoy the sunshine. (Capacity: 72 individuals)

The Williman Room/Patio (located in Benson): The Williman Room and Patio are ideal for gatherings that require private catering. The room can also be equipped with audio and visual capabilities. 

The California Mission Room (located in Benson): The California Mission Room is the largest room in Benson Memorial Center. It is ideal for private catering for larger groups, and is also equipped with audio and visual capabilities.

Lucas Hall Patio: Perfect for conference groups in Lucas Hall, the Lucas Patio accommodates up to 30 individuals for enjoyable private meal and reception gatherings. (Capacity: 60 individuals)

Villa Commons: Located across from Stephen Schott Stadium and the main campus, the Villa Commons are a great area to enjoy both indoor and outdoor dining where groups can gather and socialize.

Locatelli Center: Named after the late Fr. Paul L. Locatelli, S.J., the former president of Santa Clara University, the Locatelli Center offers guests indoor and outdoor spaces to hold catered events, sit down meals, and much more. (Capacity: 400 individuals)