Santa Clara University

Office for Multicultural Learning

Advisory Committee on Co-Curricular Diversity Programs

The Committee's Mission:

The Advisory Committee provides advice on how best to connect co-curricular programs on campus to diversity courses in the new core curriculum.

The faculty core curriculum committee on diversity has approved nearly two dozen different courses that satisfy the core curriculum diversity requirement.  These courses include "Intercultural Communication", "The Radical Imagination", "Gay/Lesbians in US History", and "Race, Class, Culture and Film".  These courses address diversity from a variety of perspective but achieve common learning objectives.

A key role of the committee is to assist in connecting core courses with the following initiatives:

  • Difficult Dialogue series - OML initiative
  • Winter quarter theme (the Identity theme ends in Winter 2010 and we will move on to the Legacies theme for the 2010-2011 academic year) - University Council on Inclusive Excellence initiative
  • Multicultural Reading Area - A sponsored University Council on Inclusive Excellence initiative


The members of the advisory board are appointed by the Provost. The membership includes representatives from the University Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, faculty and staff.

For 2010-2011

Mary Ho - Co-chair
Program Director - Office for Multicultural Learning
University Council on Inclusive Excellence

Eileen Elrod
Co-Chair, English Department

Linda Garber
Director of Women's and Gender Studies
Member of the Diversity Core Curriculum

Jill Goodman Gould
English Department

Helene Lafrance
University Library

Pancho Jimenez
Art and Art History
Member of the Diversity Core Curriculum

James Lai
Director of Ethnic Studies

Sally Lehrman
Knight Ridder Professor

Kate Morris
Art and Art History

Larry Nelson
Member of the Ethnic Core Curriculum

Anisha Sampat
Class of 2010
Student Advisory Inclusive Excellence Council