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Campus Ministry News & Events

  •  Monet Eleri Gonnerman '15

    Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2015

    Major: Sociology major; Minors: International Business and Mathematics

    Campus Ministry Involvement: Participated in Campus Ministry’s Silent Retreat, participated in Betsy Purner’s CLC group for Casa returnees, friends with multiple Campus Ministry interns, collaborated with CLC for the Mock Border Wall and the Tunnel of Oppression, participated in weekly Bible Study, engaged with Rev. Laura Brekke as the advisor for the club Core Christian Fellowship

    Other Campus Involvment: Community Facilitator in the Loyola RLC; Core Christian Fellowship Leadership Team: small group leader, Outreach Team Leader, Nightlife Coordinator, Leadership Team Coordinator (equivalent of club president); Bronco Abroad Peer Ambassador in the Global Engagement Office; Lab Assistant for the Sociology department; Global Social Benefit Fellowship (9 months): spent 2 months in Kolkata, India; Casa de la Solidaridad study abroad in El Salvador; Arrupe placements; University Honors Program; SCCAP volunteer

    Next Up: Volunteering in El Salvador during the upcoming academic year as a Community Coordinator (CC) for the Casa de la Solidaridad program

  •  Catherine Rose Grimes '15

    Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2015
    Major: Sociology; Minor: Religious Studies

    Involvement in Campus Ministry: Liturgical Ministry (Eucharistic Minister, Proclamation of the Word, Choir), Eucharistic Ministry Intern (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013), Christian Life Community, Christians in Action, Interfaith Dinner Discussions, Interfaith Day of Service

    Other key SCU activities: National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference, Casa de la Solidaridad, Global Social Benefit Fellowship, Pat Malley Membership Services Representative, Habitat for Humanity club, SCCAP

    Next up: Graduate School at University of Southern California's School of Social Work with a concentration in Community, Organization, and Business Innovations, Fall 2015

  •  Kathryn Hackett '15

    Monday, Apr. 27, 2015

    Major: Political Science

    Campus Ministry Involvement: Search Retreat participant, Discover Retreat Leader, CLC Exco Member, Confirmation Participant, CLC intern, lunchtime conversationalist

    Other key Campus activities: Malley center employee since Freshmen year- now work as the Facilities Coordinator, CF in Communitas, Global Social Benefit Fellow in Kolkata India. 

    Next Up: Serving with AmeriCorps for CityYear Boston program

  •  Danyelle Kelly '15 (Grad)

    Sunday, Apr. 26, 2015

    Major: Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries; Focus: Spirituality

    Campus Ministry Involvement: The Australian Resident Minister :)

    Other Campus Involvement: Founded the St. Vincent de Paul "Vinnies" Society on Campus and co-led the Blind Cafe Program.  

    Next Up:  To bask in the glow of my family, friends and community.  Maybe I will be blessed to return to teaching or maybe there are other opportunities calling my name.  The future is a mystery, just like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you are going to get!


  •  Carlos Martinez '15

    Saturday, Apr. 25, 2015

    Major: Political Science Major; Minors: Music and Sociology

    Campus Ministry Involvement: Search Retreat, 9pm Mass Choir, CLC

    Other Campus Involvement: Community Facilitator, Immersion Coordinator, Search Retreat Leader, Magis Leadership Retreat Facilitator, Drahmann Advising Center Student Assistant, 2014 Jean Donovan Fellow, Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society Vice President

    Next Up: I'm planning on working for a year before applying for a year-long volunteer program, hopefully in Nepal. I volunteered in Nepal last summer through the Jean Donovan Fellowship, and I hope to find a program that will allow me to stay there for a longer period of time to teach English and help the community. 

  •  Amia Nash '15

    Friday, Apr. 24, 2015

    Major: Public Health major with minors in Biology, Sociology, and Religious Studies

    Campus Ministry Involvement: Partnership between athletics (women's cross country) and campus ministry

    Other Campus Involvement: NCAA Division I Athletics (Cross Country), Associated Student Government, & RLCA

    Next Up: Attending a yearlong post-baccalaureate program in community health at Stanford University

  •  Alex Nauman '15

    Thursday, Apr. 23, 2015

    Your major(s)/minor(s): Operations Management and Information Systems (Business)/ Entrepreneruship, Retail Studies 

    Capacity in which you've been involved in Campus Ministry: CM Intern, CLC Leader and Member, Liturgy Volunteer, attended many other CM functions

    Other activities you've been invested in on campus (leadership especially): Residence Life, SCCAP, Undergraduate Business Program

    Next Up: Beginning work in business consulting following graduation!

  •  Maddie Regan '15

    Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2015
    Major: Psychology; Minor: Public Health
    Involvement in Campus Ministry: Eucharistic Minister, Acolyte, Lector, and Hospitality Minister; CLC leader and participant; Wonderfully Made; YoungLife College; retreats as retreatant and leader
    Other activities on campus: Alumni Office senior student assistant; research in the Psychology department; SCAAP; Study Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, accompanied by a service learning program
    Next steps: After graduating in June, I will be headed up to Seattle, WA for a year to serve with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps NW. I will be working at the Urban Rest Stop, a hygiene and day center for folks experiencing homelessness. My position is Volunteer Coordinator and member services liaison for the folks coming into the space each and every day. I hope to grow in my passion for social justice and advocacy, and to build a foundation for a field in social entrepreneurship and advocacy. 
  •  Joe Sarmiento '14

    Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2015

    In addition to his Youth Ministry involvement, Joe currently works full-time at a civil engineering firm in Gilroy.

    "Campus Ministry was one of the best things about my SCU experience. It gave me a community to grow together with, meet new people, and to also grow in my spirituality and faith. I believe Campus Ministry really gave me my footing and my calling on campus, so I'd say the impact was very large."

  •  Rosa Segura '14

    Monday, Apr. 20, 2015

    Rosa is currently serving as a volunteer at Amigos de Jesus Home for Children in Honduras. She is a full-time math, science, English, and dance teacher and she spends every non-teaching moment with the children as they eat, sleep, play, and love.

    "Campus Ministry provided me with the opportunity to practice competence, conscience, and compassion on a daily basis. The values and passions I developed there led me to the incredible year of service I am in now and will continue to guide me for the rest of my life."

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