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  • iconDISCOVER Weekend Retreat

    February 6-8, 2015

    This weekend, held at Hidden Villa hostel, is an opportunity to engage the big questions of life, such as "What brings me joy? What are my gifts? Who does the world need me to be? How do we discern together (i.e., in relationships)? and What does it cost?" The retreat is offered for undergraduate students, led by fellow students and Resident Ministers.

    Sign-ups will take place in January 2015. You can reserve your spot on the retreat by paying and registering online. Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-come basis.

  • iconApply now to be a Student Leader!

    The DISCOVER Retreat team includes 5 student leaders. Along with the coordinator and Resident Ministers, student leaders share their own experience of discernment. Each student leader not only facilitates a small group, but also shares a talk on her/his experience of one of the "Key Questions" of DISCOVER: 

    • What brings me joy? 
    • What are my gifts? 
    • Who does the world need me to be? 
    • How do we discern together (i.e., in relationships)? 
    • What does it cost? 

    Student leaders meet in December and weekly in January to prepare for the retreat and help recruit participants.

    Applicants for the student leader position need not have attended the retreat before, though prior DISCOVER experience (either having attended the retreat, participated in a DISCOVER small group or a class or other DISCOVER program) is helpful preparation for retreat leadership.

    Apply here by Friday November 28 to serve as a DISCOVER Student leader. 


  • iconResident Ministers

    Several members of the Resident Ministry team serve on the DISCOVER retreat team. You'll find RMs cooking delicious meals, sharing talks on their experiences of discernment, and leading workshops of some of their favorite discernment practices. RMs bring a dynamic, creative, and wise energy to the retreat -- ask your RM if he or she will be leading this year's retreat! 
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