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Join a Christian Life Community (CLC)

CLC is a group of Santa Clara students who help one another discover our personal vocations.

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Find other Graduate Students of faith

A list of opportunities that the department of Campus Ministry currently offers that are open to and/or appropriate for graduate students.

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Attend a Liturgy

Liturgy is at the heart of this faith community. We bring our lives together in prayer each Sunday and at major University celebrations, receiving strength from the presence of Jesus Christ in the Word, Sacrament, and in the people assembled.

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Find other students who are not Catholic

You're not alone! SCU students come from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds, and the programs Campus Ministry offers are open to all students. We hope you'll join us!

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Reach out to someone

Ways to deepen your faith through action and reflection.

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Find your Resident Minister

Resident Ministers are Santa Clara University staff and graduate students who live in the Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) and support undergraduate students.

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Get away on a Retreat

Stepping away from the patterns of daily life creates the space and time for reflection and growth in one's spiritual journey. Each Campus Ministry retreat has a unique focus, ranging from contemplation and discernment to fellowship.

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Sacramental Formation

In support of the development of the whole person, Campus Ministry encourages students to learn, reflect and grow in faith through a variety of programs.

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Ask us about something you don't see here or something you'd like to know more about.

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