Santa Clara University

Major Lectures usually Draw Upwards of 120 Students.

The major lecture events draw large audiences, and the vast majority of attendees are SCU undergraduate students. Each year students write more than 1200 reflection papers on the CSI lecture events.

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The Civil Society Colloquium 

The Civil Society colloquium works with 12 to 20 outstanding undergraduate students. All colloquium students participate in an intensive, on-going colloquium. The colloquium meets each week to discuss works in social philosophy and the social sciences. Each quarter a faculty member associated with CSI coordinates the colloquium - choosing the list of readings, setting the schedule, and guiding the discussion.

Students may participate in any given quarter's colloquia, subject to the permission of the coordinator. In special cases, CSI's directors might permit a student to "transfer" into the program.  The colloquium is usually listed as ECON 197

Students Participate in Off-Campus Programs 

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What Students say about CSI

"I enjoy attending the lectures and debates and have encouraged others to attend. The atmosphere welcomes independent thinking."

"I really enjoy the chance to study the benefits of the free market and the possibility of achieving positive things without the government."

"I like the forum for deep discussion of policy and social problems, that encourages student interaction and the sharing of ideas. In many classes the issues are touched on lightly, here we have the opportunity for in-depth discussion. I like the way that long-standing views and perceptions are challenged."

"I like being exposed to current issues and really understanding the positives and negatives of them. The news and classroom only give brief overviews of issues, but CSI lets you speak and listen to what a variety of people really have to say about them. I think that is really important because learning what others think may make you rethink your own opinions and maybe even change them."

"It has broadened my awareness of social issues. It has enabled me to think critically about issues I never would have thought about if it wasn't for CSI."

"CSI introduces a wide range of important and controversial topics and allows their discussion in a safe environment. It has introduced me to issues I wasn't aware of and challenged my position by opening my eyes to various viewpoints on topics I had opinions on."

"I like having the opportunity to hear the ideas of professors I probably wouldn't run across otherwise. I love the discussions and being able to learn from all the other students."

"CSI helped me to form an opinion based upon facts, costs, and benefits to society. It gave me a new perspective."

"CSI helped me develop my critical thinking skills while learning interesting facts."

"I liked the debates between two professors with different ideas on the topic. It was interesting to see each point of view."