Santa Clara University


Workshops & Presentations

  • CBL-FullCBL Workshops

    Workshops for teachers, counselors, and administrators in alternative, special, and correctional education programs for at-risk students and juvenile offenders.

  • \\Arts_sci_svr\mcae\SHARED\Character Education\CBL LOGOS\web\character_ethicsCampThumbnail_02Ethics Camp

    A character education experience for teachers, administrators and counselors, designed to build a personal understanding of ethics, values and virtuous behavior into a comprehensive curriculum.

  • CSPICatholic School Principal's Institute

    An engaging program, both reflective and issues oriented, for principals and administrators in Catholic elementary and high schools.

  • PresentationsCBL Presentations

    Presentations for educators, counselors, parents and administrators covering topics ranging from Understanding Common Core Standards to Raising an Ethical Child, and more.