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About Character Education

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics program in Character Education includes the following components.

  • CBLCharacter Based Literacy (CBL)

    The Character Based Literacy Program is a character education project, and it is a literacy project which promotes school practices by which school pupils become good people, good citizens. CBL utilizes the English language arts curriculum because literacy is fundamental to success in school and in life, for all students. It is also a natural place to pursue questions of value and character as they occur in literature and writing. This program is mapped to the Common Core State Standards in ELA. (Subscription only)

  • LeadershipCBL Leadership

    CBL Leadership is organized around the content and themes of the World History and United States History courses. Lesson plans integrate language arts with the history curriculum, using six character-based themes to teach students the habits of ethical analysis and action. This program is mapped to the Common Core State Standards in ELA/History/Social Studies. (Subscription only)


  • ISIndependent Study

    Independent Study provides weekly lesson plans for independent study, rural, small school, and home schooling settings. The lesson plans are based on the Character Based Literacy Program and are mapped to the Common Core State Standards in ELA. (Subscription only)

  • NewsworthyICONText100 (1)Newsworthy

    Newsworthy is a free daily e-newspaper produced by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, that provides students and teachers with a daily compendium of news stories culled from different publications. Newsworthy helps students understand current events by providing a daily lesson plan for middle or secondary school teachers that highlights the ethical issues behind the headlines. Newsworthy offers a step-by-step guide to teaching news articles while meeting the Common Core Standards in ELA. (No subscription necessary)

  • ASContent Curricula (Open Source)

    A Character Based curriculum in Human Science, Biology, Earth Science, U.S. History, and World History, these lesson plans weave ethics into the California State Standards. (No subscription necessary)

  • WTWorkshops and Presentations

    Ethics Camp, the Catholic School Principals Institute, and other training for educators are offered regularly. Presentations focus on integrating ethics into the curriculum.


    Presentations focus on integrating ethics into the curriculum and are for educators, counselors, parents, and administrators covering topics ranging from Understanding Common Core Standards to Raising an Ethical Child, and more.

  • BPGBuild. Plant. Grow

    Build. Plant. Grow is a faith formation program for people of any age who build, plant and grow the word in their lives. It is especially for use in schools and parishes as children break open the word each week. In our weekly lesson plans we follow threads that pass through the Sunday readings, suggesting how we might live our daily lives as Christians at our best. (No subscription necessary)