Santa Clara University

Casa de la Solidaridad

Financial Info

Program Cost

Tuition: $15,100
Room & Board: $4,307
TOTAL - $19, 407

*The price of quarter, semester, and summer study abroad programs is set by the SCU Board of Trustees in March/April of each year. Study abroad fees for 2016-2017 will be set in April 2016. To review current program costs, please visit []

Note: Casa de la Solidaridad is a level B program at SCU.

Additional estimated expenses:

Weekend Meals: $200

Books & Supplies: $100

Tourist Visa (upon entering El Salvador) - $10

Visa Renewal Fee ($25)

Personal Expenses: $500

Airfare: $800

Living Expenses: $500

Notes: The program cost covers full tuition for 15 semester/25 quarter units, housing in a shared room at the Casa, meals during the week, and also includes many excursions and field trips, cultural activities, extended orientation and re-entry programs, as well as coverage on Santa Clara's travel insurance policy. This does not include travel to El Salvador, books, and other incidentals listed in the "additional estimated expenses." If you are not a Santa Clara student, please be aware that the actual cost of the program and credit accepted is determined by your home institution. Please check with the appropriate officials on your campus for the cost of the program and academic credit policies.

Financial Aid: If you are a Santa Clara student then all of your financial aid is usable. If you attend the program in the fall semester, you can apply one quarter of your SCU aid package. If you attend the Casa in the spring, you can apply two quarter's worth (both Winter and Spring). Students who rely on financial aid at SCU should keep this in mind when determining what term to apply for the Casa. If you are not a Santa Clara student, however, there is unfortunately no additional "Casa Financial Aid" from Santa Clara offered to students from other home campuses. You should check with your home campus to see if your existing financial aid will transfer to the Casa de la Solidaridad program. We are happy to complete any paperwork (often called "consortium agreements") that will assist you in this process. After checking with your home school, inquiries can be directed to the Santa Clara University Study Abroad Office.

Dean Brackley, SJ Scholarships

The scholarships are need-based and range between $1000-$5000. The process is competitive and completion of an application is not guarantee of a scholarship award. The disbursements can only be applied toward total program fees. Cash disbursements cannot be made under any circumstances. For more information click here

Casa de la Solidaridad Withdrawal information is located here

Information on tuition insurance is available through the SCU Bursar's Office site.