Santa Clara University


Casa 2006

Fall 2006


Back row (L-R): Danielle Mackey, Cara Caponi, Katy Erker, Hannah Hinman, Lainey Trahan, Emily Weiss, Sarah Shaffer

Middle row (L-R): Austin Woody, George Toth-Demetriade, Becky Carrillo, Catherine Vega, Kristen Casterson, Mandela Gardner, Katie Collins, Amanda Buescher, Julie Bodnar, Sheila Bharucha, 

Standing between middle and front row (L-R): Clarisa Quintanilla 

Front row (L-R): Lynne Siefert, Theresa Woods, Jeff Staples, Tim McManus, Amy DePree Lisa Monge

Spring 2006


Back row (L to R): Charles Bergman (Loyola Marymount University), Geoff Gusoff (Brown University), Sidra Showalter (University of San Francisco), Larry Parr (Loyola University Chicago), Meghan Heeney (St. Louis University), Colin Gilbert (Loyola Marymount University), Kevin Wenzel (St. Louis University), Jason Boccaccio (Regis University), Stephen Dienger (St. Louis University), Ben Bowman (Fordham University).

Middle row (L-R): Carolyn Frey (Loyola University Chicago), Beth Andraesen (Marquette University), Anne Poler (Loyola University Chicago), Brighid Sullivan (Xavier University), Katie Brown (St. Louis University), Christine Ruppert (Boston College).

Front row (L-R): Alexi Motta (University of San Francisco), Allison Nackel (Boston College), Emily Tsurutani (Loyola Marymount University), Katie Russell (John Carroll University), Becky Camacho (Boston College), Jean Reidy (Boston College).


Alums 2006 Lives Now

Check out some updates and learn about their lives these days.