Santa Clara University

Women's & Gender Studies Program

LGBTQ Allies Network

Mission Statement

The LGBTQ Allies Network of Santa Clara University exists to educate faculty, staff, and administrators about the experiences, concerns, and issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) members of our community, in order to support the university’s goal of educating the whole person to fashion a more humane and just world.  The objective of the Allies Network is to equip faculty, staff, and administrators with knowledge and information that will enable them to serve as resources to LGBTQ students or colleagues.  The Allies Network encourages dialogue among members of the SCU community regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  The Allies Network is a joint project of the Multicultural Learning Office, the Office of Student Life, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.


All faculty and staff are welcome to be come members of the LGBTQ Allies Network.  Membership in the Allies Network requires a commitment to attend quarterly events.  After attending two events, allies will receive a handsome logo sticker to add to their office door (right next to the Safe Space rainbow!), signifying their commitment to educating themselves to be the most effective resource people possible for students.  Certification will be renewable every year.

Why join?

The LGBTQ Allies Network offers you information as well as networking with a growing community of colleagues who are interested in acting as resources for students who have questions, concerns, and sometimes even crises related to sexual and gender identity.  We work closely with the campus Safe Space Project, whose visibility assures LGBTQ students that Santa Clara is a safe, welcoming place for them to live and study.  The Allies Network provides its members a guide to local and national resources on sexual and gender identity, giving them fingertip access to answers for students’ questions.  The Network sponsors quarterly events such as workshops, lectures, student panels, and films that add depth and breadth to the knowledge that helps them help students a network of colleagues who have identified themselves as knowledgeable and interested in continuing to learn about LGBTQ issues.  The Network also provides a handsome sticker to display alongside their Safe Space rainbow, indicating to students that they are active in a community of resource advocates.  If you’ve ever wondered what to do when a student came out to you, or wondered what you’d do if you knew a student being harassed because of sexual or gender identity, or wished you had been able to help a student facing a serious crisis caused by homophobia or transphobia – the LGBTQ Allies Network can provide you with the resources, education, and community you’ve been looking for.

LGBTQ Allies Network contacts:

Office for Multicultural Learning
Location: 852 Market Street
Phone: 408-554-4472
Phone: (408) 551-7152

Office of Student Life
Location: Benson Center
Phone: 408-554-4583

Women’s and Gender Studies Program
Location: St. Joseph 103
Phone: 408-554-4461

Safe Space Project