Santa Clara University


Victor B. and Julia Botto Vari Hall Dedication


May 15, 2014

Today we honor Dr. Victor B. Vari and Mrs. Julia Botto Vari for their years of devotion to Santa Clara University and our Santa Clara Community. We also thank them for their vision and the legacy they have bestowed upon us for generations to come.

Their planned legacy, which not only names this building but also creates an endowment for the arts and humanities, will ensure that a Santa Clara education will continue to develop in our students an appreciation for the richness of cultures, and the preparation necessary to be citizens and leaders who will vitalize the humanity and common good of our world.

The Victor B. and Julia Botto Vari Endowment for the Arts and Humanities is transformational and affirms Santa Clara’s commitment to knowledge that is concerned with human thought and culture. The study of the arts and humanities has been – and will always be – the heart of a Santa Clara education.

The Vari Endowment, which will include the Vari Italian Studies Initiative, will enrich the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and spiritual lives of Santa Clara students, faculty, and our community, creating a culture of innovation and critical thinking that values creative expression and scholarship for the good of humanity.

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