Santa Clara University


Young Scholars Program

High School Juniors

Discover your answers to:
  • Am I prepared for College?
  • How is college different from high school?
  • What are college professors like?
  • How do I choose a major?

Become a Young Scholar at Santa Clara University!


Each year select, highly-motivated, college-bound students explore the world of higher education in a five-week intensive program that includes university courses, advising, and meetings with key people on campus.  Students leave with a hands-on experience of college life and units that will apply toward their eventual university degree.

Why Choose Santa Clara University?
Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University has provided education for the whole person in the Catholic and Jesuit traditions for 150 years.  It offers top-quality undergraduate and graduate programs distinguished  by their Jesuit character and a commitment to an ethical, values-oriented curriculum.  Santa Clara University was founded in 1851 and is California's oldest private institution of higher learning.
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