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Frequently Asked Questions

  • iconWho is eligible for the SCU Summer Session?

    The Santa Clara University (SCU) Summer Session is open to all college students in good academic standing at their home institutions. All non-degree seeking SCU students, incoming Fall 2015 transfers students and students from other schools (non-SCU students) must fill out and submit an Online Summer Application, and pay the appropriate fees and deposits before they will be permitted to register for summer courses. Verification of Enrollment / good standing must be sent to the Santa Clara University Registrar's Office.

  • iconHow many courses can I take?
    The maximum enrollment is 2 courses in each non-intensive session or 1 lab-science course in each intensive session.  Students may enroll in one intensive non-lab-science and one non-intensive course concurrently.  
  • iconWhat if I don't remember my eCampus ID and/or forgot my password?

    Returning summer students: you will be notified at the email address listed in the application along when you eCampus ID has been activated for the Summer 2015 term.  If you did not receive this email, contact the Summer Session Office at 408-554-4833.

    If you are a new summer student:  your eCampus ID and password will be sent to the email listed in the application by the system and may be in your spam filter. If you did not receive the ID, please contact the Summer Session Office at 408-554-4833.

  • iconHow do I know if there are still seats available in a class?
    Students should access Course Availability,, to see if seats are available in a class.  
  • iconHow do I withdraw from a course?
    Students can withdraw from a course through eCampus.  
  • iconWhat is the difference between a quarter unit and a semester unit?

    Typically, there is a .66 conversion from a quarter unit to semester unit.

  • iconWhere is the final exam schedule?
  • iconHow do I enroll at SCU in the regular year?

    Enrollment in the Undergraduate Summer Session does not guarantee or imply acceptance to SCU during the regular academic year. To enroll in SCU for the regular undergraduate academic year, please apply through the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 408-554-4700 or on the Admissions website.

  • iconWhat is SCU's Discriminatory & Sexual Harassment Policy?

    Santa Clara University is dedicated to:

    • An uncompromising standard of academic excellence and an unwavering commitment to academic freedom, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression in the search for truth; and

    • Being a community enriched by men and women of diverse backgrounds, respectful of difference and enlivened by open dialogue, caring and justice toward others, and committed to broad participation in achieving the common good.

    Unlawful harassment and discrimination subverts these university ideals. Any behavior constituting unlawful harassment or discrimination toward any individual in the course of any University-administered program, job, or activity is prohibited. The University does not tolerate unlawful harassment or discrimination and will take prompt and effective corrective action including, where appropriate, disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion. The university’s policy applies to university staff, students, faculty, and all other individuals engaged with university activities. Any questions, concerns or complaints should be directed to the Director of EEO/Diversity, Linda Jocewicz, at 408-554-4113.

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