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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I think an exception to University policy is warranted?

Please complete the appropriate forms at the Office of the Registrar

What if I don't remember my eCampus ID and/or forgot my password?
Returning summer students: you will be notified at the email address listed in the application along when you eCampus ID has been activated for the Summer 2014 term.  If you did not receive this email, contact the Summer Session Office at 408-554-4833.

If you are a new summer student:  your eCampus ID and password will be sent to the email listed in the application by the system and may be in your spam filter. If you did not receive the ID, please contact the Summer Session Office at 408-554-4833.

What are the enrollment requirements?

The Summer Session is open to all college/university students in good standing, a verification from the home institution is required. Visiting students apply online beginning March 17th and register for classes beginning April 21st.  Keep in mind that some courses may have prerequisites.

How many courses may I take?

The maximum enrollment is 2 courses in each non-intensive session or 1 lab-science course in each intensive session.  Students may enroll in one intensive non-lab-science and one non-intensive course concurrently.

What is the cost of a course?

Tuition for Summer 2014 is $586 per unit.  A four-unit course costs $2,344, a five-unit course is $2,930.

Is financial aid available?

No, there is no financial aid.  The per-unit cost is less than the non-summer quarters.

For information regarding loans, please contact the Enrollment Services Center at 408-551-1000 or at

Is housing available?

Yes, there is some housing available.  Contact the Housing Office at or 408-554-4900.

What is the fee to audit a course?

Only degree-seeking Santa Clara students may audit a class. The fee is $100.  Visiting students may not audit a class.

When is tuition due?

Visiting students must pay a deposit prior to course registration, which will be applied toward overall tuition cost.  For all students, tuition is due on the 21st of each month.

How do I know if there are still seats available in a class?

Use the course availability web site.

How do I withdraw from a course?

You may drop classes using eCampus any time after registration and before the last day to drop or withdraw from the appropriate 5- or 3-week session.  Students will not be able to drop or withdraw from classes after the session deadline dates as posted in the Summer Session calendar.

What's the difference between a quarter unit and a semester unit?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at your home institution to review its policy.  As a general guide to convert quarter units into semester units, multiply the quarter units by .666.  For example, 4 quarter units from SCU may transfer as 2.67 semester units and 5 quarter units may transfer as 3.33 semester units.

Whom may I contact with additional questions?

Please call the Summer Session Office at 408-554-4833; we are more than happy to be of help.

How do I request a transcript?

Please see the Office of the Registrar to request a free-of-charge transcript.

Where is the final exam schedule?

Please see the student center in eCampus.

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