Santa Clara University

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Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Policy

Santa Clara University is dedicated to:

  • An uncompromising standard of academic excellence and an unwavering commitment to academic freedom, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression in the search for truth; and
  • Being a community enriched by men and women of diverse backgrounds, respectful of difference and enlivened by open dialogue, caring and justice toward others, and committed to broad participation in achieving the common good.

Unlawful harassment and discrimination subverts these university ideals. Any behavior constituting unlawful harassment or discrimination toward any individual in the course of any University-administered program, job, or activity is prohibited. The University does not tolerate unlawful harassment or discrimination and will take prompt and effective corrective action including, where appropriate, disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion. The university’s policy applies to university staff, students, faculty, and all other individuals engaged with university activities. Any questions, concerns or complaints should be directed to the Director EEO/Diversity, Deborah Hirsch at 408-554-4113 or 276 Loyola Hall.

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