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Online Classes

Never taken an Online Course before? Decide if it is a good fit for you! 

The same skills needed for success in face-to-face courses are needed in online courses, but research shows that the following are particularly important for online learners:

  • Motivation and self-discipline: There is often no set schedule to online classes. You must make a real commitment to your assignments and deadlines.
  • Time management: Use Google Calendar.
  • Effective and appropriate communication: Your online classes are an academic environment, so communicate accordingly.
  • Collaborative working skills: In an online course, participation in online study groups and discussions can make all the difference.

Can you answer YES to the following questions?

  1. I have regular access to a computer with Internet capabilities. I am allowed to download files to the computer.
  2. I do not get easily frustrated with technology problems.
  3. I am comfortable interacting with my instructor and classmates electronically.
  4. I am not afraid to ask for help with my homework.
  5. I will be able to spend at least 15 hours each week working on my online course without being interrupted.
  6. I am self-motivated. I can stay on task and complete my assignments without having to be reminded by others.
  7. I enjoy reading and I am confident in my ability to read critically.
  8. I enjoy writing and I am confident in my ability to articulate my thoughts in an organized written response.

Technology Skills

To take online courses, it’s important to know how to:

  • use a web browser to access websites and follow links on web pages.
  • use a word processor to create and save documents.
  • send and reply to e-mail messages.
  • attach files to e-mail messages.
  • type at least 25 w.p.m.

Technical Information

AT MINIMUM, students need:
  • reliable access to a computer with Internet connection (high-speed is preferable) equipped with antivirus software (available free of charge to SCU students); 
  • the latest version of your browser (Explorer for PC, Safari or Camino for Macs) with appropriate plug-ins; 
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader; QuickTime, and Windows Media Player;
  • word processing capability (Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs, or other).;
  • a web browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or other)

You may also need video recording capability (webcam, digital camera, smartphone or tablet)

Additional Information

Upon enrollment in an Online Course: Students MUST check their SCU email account regularly. If you are enrolled in an online course and have not heard from your instructor one week before class begins, then you are responsible for contacting the instructor. If, for any reason, you cannot contact the instructor, you should contact the Summer Session Office at 408-554-4833 or Students must log into Canvas and register for the class, and complete the "About Me" learner profile by the first day of class. 

For financial (billing and refund) purposes, all online courses will be assigned a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule. However, you will be required to do the assignments as assigned in the syllabus posted on Canvas.

Undergraduate Summer Sessions Program
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