Santa Clara University

SCU Summer Session

2013 Apply Instructions

Application Period: March 11 – July 22

1.  Apply Online

Non-SCU, Non-Degree seeking SCU students and Incoming Transfer students must complete and submit the Summer 2013 Online Application Form prior to registering for classes.The application fee of $80 is due upon submission of the application. Handwritten applications are not accepted. Applications are processed in the order received and it takes approximately 3-5 days for applications to be processed by the Office of the Registrar.

 Verify Application Submission

Every student who submits the online application will receive an immediate web response of a successful submission of the online application. Additional instructions detailing your eCampus ID and password; how to pay the required course deposit, how to a submit verification of enrollment/good standing, and how to register for classes will be emailed separately. Students are required to print this important message and refer to it often.  Please note that this is the only correspondence students will receive at this email address. All future correspondence via email will be sent to the student's SCU email account

   Receive eCampus Notification

After the Office of the Registrar has processed your online application, first-time students will receive an email notification providing a SCU eCampus ID and password information and returning students will receive an email notification providing information on how to obtain their SCU eCampus ID and reset their password.  eCampus ID and password notification is sent to the email address provided by the student that was submitted on the online application. Students may contact the Summer Session Office at (408) 554-4833 if they do not receive an email notification within 10 days.

2.  Provide to the SCU Registrar's Office: verification of enrollment/good standing with a cumulative grade point average of "C" or better from your home institution.  Verification can be either:

  • Fax'd to:408-554-6926
  • Mailed to:    SCU – Office of the Registrar
                        500 El Camino Real
                        Santa Clara, CA 95053
  • Delivered in person to the Enrollment Services, Schott Admission and Enrollment Building, First Floor

3.  Tuition for Summer 2013 is $564 per unit.

Before June 17, a deposit of $2,256 must be paid before registering for classes.

Students can use eCampus to pay the $2,256 deposit. The $2,256 deposit will be credited toward tuition and used to decrease the amount billed.  When viewing a bill on eCampus for the first time, the amount owed will be $0.00 because no course registration has occurred.  Nonetheless, the deposit payment of $2,256 (the amount for a 4-unit course) is required in order to register for courses.  To make the payment, log in to eCampus, go to "Bursar's Office", "View Bill & Make a Payment",  "Make a Payment".  Input $2,256 in the "Payment Amount".  Choose echeck and make your payment.  If you prefer, you can pay in person at the Enrollment Services Center in the Schott Administration building, First Floor.  

Tuition balances are due on the 21st day of the month billed.

After June 17, students must pre-pay all tuition and fees prior to registering for classes.

4.  Enroll in classes:  Beginning April 15, 2013, use eCampus to enroll in classes after all three of the steps above have been completed.  After June 17, class registration must be done in person in the Enrollment Services Center.  For Online class registration, please contact the Enrollment Services Center at 408-551-1000, select option 2, or at

Apply Online

Note: this form will not work with a Mac/Safari.  Please try Mac/Firefox or a PC.

If you plan to take a Business course, please call the Summer Session office prior to submitting your application.

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