Santa Clara University

Sociology department


susan Susan Babbel
Department Senior Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
Office: O'Connor 329
Phone: 408-554-2794
Fax: 408-554-4189

Professional Background:

Susan is the Senior Administrative Assistant for Anthropology and has been with Santa Clara University since 1999. Susan received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts from SJSU, and is in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Education program at SCU.  She is an exhibiting artist and enjoys traveling, volunteering and spending time with her family.

cc photo Cara A. Chiaraluce
(2015), Lecturer
Ph.D. 2014, Sociology, University of California, Davis
Social Inequalities and Social Problems; Sex and Gender; Marriage and Family, Childhood and Youth; Social Psychology
Office: O'Connor 302
Phone: 408-554-4510
Fernandez Marilyn Fernandez (1992), Professor 
Ph.D. 1982, Sociology, Loyola University of Chicago 
Asian American Families and Communities; Domestic Violence, Programs and Evaluation; Assessment of Multicultural Education; Sociology of Development
Office: O'Connor 331
Phone: 408-554-4432
Alma Garcia Alma M. García (1982), Professor
Ph.D. 1982, Sociology, Harvard University
Mexican American Communities; Political Economy of Latin American Development; Oral History Research
Office: O'Connor 306
Phone: 408-554-4511
Gilbert John (Jack) Gilbert (2007), Professor, Interim Dept. Chair
Ph.D. 1965, Chemistry, Yale University
Physical Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Methodology
Office: O'Connor 307
Phone: 408-554-4780
Patrick Lopez-Aguado (2013), Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2013, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara
Race and Incarceration, Juvenile Justice, Youth and Street Cultures, Urban Ethnography
Office: O'Connor 305
Phone: 408-554-5178
Nichols Laura Nichols (2000), Associate Professor
Ph.D. 2000, Sociology, University of Akron
Applied Sociology; Inequalities; Experiences of First Generation College Students
Office: O'Connor 304
Phone: 408-551-7131
Powers Charles Powers (1986), Professor
Ph.D. 1981, Sociology, University of California-Riverside
Theory; Organizations; Applied Sociology
Office: O'Connor 305
Phone: 408-554-4517
Robinson Laura Robinson (2008), Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2006, Sociology, UCLA
New Media; Digital Inequality; Culture, Sociology of Communication and Media; Cross-National Sociology; U.S. and Western Europe; Brazil and Latin America
Office: O'Connor 312
Phone: 408-554-4509

Academic Year Adjunct Faculty

Tracy De Haan (2015)

Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer

Barry Del Buono (2015)


Faculty Award Recipients

  • 2013 Regina Davis-Sowers
    Provost's Inclusive Excellence Award
  • 2011 Charles Powers
    Louis and Dorina Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2010 Alma M. Garcia
    Provost's Inclusive Excellence Award
  • 2009 Laura Nichols
    Brutocao Award for Curriculum Innovation
  • 2008 Alma M. Garcia and Francisco Jimenez (Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures Department at SCU)
    Elizabeth B. Mason Small Project Award from the Oral History Association for the "Legacy Oral History Project of Mexican American Community Activists in San Jose, California, 1960-2000"
  • 2008 Alma M. Garcia
    Cedric Busette Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to SCU's Ethnic Studies Program
  • 2007 Alma M. Garcia
    University Recognition for 25 years of Teaching
  • 2005 Marilyn Fernandez
    Louis and Dorina Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2005 Charles Powers
    Dr. John B. Drahmann Advising Award
  • 2004 Laura Nichols
    Advancement of the University Mission Award
  • 2002 Laura Nichols
    The Grail Family Services Community Partner Award
  • 2001 Marilyn Fernandez
    President's Faculty Recognition Award
  • 2001 Sandra Chiaramonte
    Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award
  • 1999-2000 Witold Krassowski
    Faculty Senate Professor
  • 1998 Charles Powers
    President's Faculty Recognition Award
  • 1998 Alma M. Garcia
    Women's Studies Program
    Sisterhood is Powerful Award
  • 1997 Sandra Chiaramonte
    Staff Recognition Award
  • 1996 Sandra Chiaramonte
    Staff Outstanding Service Achievement Award
  • 1993 Charles Powers
    Brutocao Award for Excellence in Curriculum Innovation
  • 1992 Witold Krassowski
    Pacific Sociological Assocation Distinguished Teaching Award
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