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Journals in Religious Studies & Theology

Orradre library carries over 350 academic journals, professional magazines and popular newspapers in the various subdisciplines of Religious Studies and Theology, and there are many additional major journals in the field that our library does not carry. We've broken them all down into categories corresponding to the four areas of our undergraduate and graduate programs, with an added category for research tools (abstracts, reviews, bibliographies and electronic databases). Since there is some overlap between these areas, you'll find some journals listed in more than one section.

When you click on one of the journal categories below, you'll go to an alphabetical list of journals in that subdiscipline.

Scripture & Tradition
Theology, Ethics & Spirituality
Religion & Society
Pastoral Ministries
Research Tools
J. David Pleins and Chandra Campbell work on Darwin research
Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Chandra Campbell assists Professor J. David Pleins with his scholarship on Charles Darwin. Click on the image to read more.

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