Santa Clara University

Religious Studies department

Partner Programs

  • Interdisciplinary Programs

    - The school of arts and sciences offers minors that cross over between the Religious Studies Department and other departments. Minors offered include Asian Studies, Catholic Studies, Ethnic Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.
  • Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries

    - Santa Clara University offers a graduate program in Pastoral Ministries that prepares individuals to enter professional ministries in Church and society.  The program offers a Master of Arts degree in four areas of emphasis:  Catechetics, Liturgical Music, Pastoral Liturgy, and Spirituality.
  • Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley

    - JST-SCU is a graduate theological school located in Berkeley. It is specifically committed to the preparation of Jesuits and others for ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood, the preparation of men and women for varied forms of ministry in the church, the advancement of theology through scholarly contributions to academia, church, and society, and the theological, spiritual, and personal renewal of those already engaged in ministry.
  • Local Religion Project

    - The Local Religion Project (LRP) supports teaching and research on the many and diverse religions in Silicon Valley. Established in 2003, it seeks to form relationships with religious and civic leaders in the region, document an estimated 1,500 local faith communities and organizations, study the ways in which religion’s intersections with distinctive features in the Valley—e.g. globalization, immigration, and religious diversity—and develop curriculum and pedagogy to engage students in the study of religion through community-based learning.
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